Social Media Strategies in Politics

In her book 'Yes We Did', which I just finished reading Rahaf Harfoush builds on recent presentations at Rotman Schoolf of Management at the Univeristy of Toronto o summarize what can be learned fro the Obama election campagain about social media.

Some of the conclusions. . .

While she strains in the book to make parallels beten buding the Obama brand and doing the same thing for a company . . . i am beginningto think it is too much of a stretch. gaging commuinicties in politics is far different from engaging customers with a brand.

Poltical campaigns move people on a level more visceral than the relationship between a consumer and a product.

At a recent speech to Toronto' Tird Tuesday, Bob Pearson, made the comment that people want to share ideas, share knowledge and solve problems: they don't want to talk about you as a company. Politics is about sharing and acting on ideas (when it isn't about naked power

I am not a political scientist, but I have the sense that Democratic party politics is more fertile ground for this kind of grassroots organizing.

The book's an easy read (suffering unfortunatgely from really poor editing), there are

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