Non-Aligned Observation

I read the British current affairs magazine The Spectator as often as I can even though it always feels a bit dated by the time I pick it up in Canada. (A pleasure to be in London to read The Spectator the day after its newstand appearance!) Its politics are to the right of mine by some degree. But I seldom experience that dichotomy. The writing always excels. And the expression of its politics never interferes with smart, intuitive and impartial opinion. 

A perfect example is the editorial in the June 7th issue. The Spectator backs McCain as the best choice for US president "because of his imaginative Republicanism and his superb record on national security".

But this doesn't stop its editors from making two intuitive and non-aligned observations:

  • "If his (Obama) presidential run has achieved nothing else it has shown that the corrupting influence of special interest money can be overpowered by the democracy of fundraising that the internet allows: a process started by Howard Dean in the 2004 campaign, now brought to triumphant conclusion."

  • "This is Obama's time."

Now if the publishers could only try to get the magazine to Canada within a couple of days rather than two weeks.

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