Political Blogging Goes Mainstream

I am at an executive training session in the south of France, and have little time to write. However, I came across this comment in an article about the political 'Class of 2008' in the June issue of the British edition of GQ (which in general is edgier than the U.S. version.) The article profiles leading political influencers including two bloggers . . . with this explanation:

"We have made a point to include the bloggers, whose importance in Westminster has rocketed over the past few years. That we limited ourselves to just two, and both of them Tories -- Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome and Iain Dale of Iain Dale's Diary -- is an indicator not just that these are the most influential, but also that right-wing bloggers vastly outshine their left-wing counterparts. (Is bloggin a medium better suited to those in opposition? Or are left-wing blogs in existence just not very good. Taht remains to be seen.)"

Not only was it interesting to note that blogging's importance has "rocketed" but also that Tim Montgomerie's blog is financed by Stephan Shakespeare, founder and CEO of research firm YouGov.

Nice gig if you can land it.

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