Social Media and Grammar

I make it a habit to read Jeremiah Owyang's blog nearly every day, in addition to those of my colleagues Brendan Hodgson, David Jones and Anil Dilawri (who blog less frequently unfortunately).

Mr. Owyang is a  senior analyst at Forrester Research and celebrates his second anniversary of blogging at web-strategist.com with another useful 'how to' post on making a blog successful. His three most valuable ideas:

  1. "Create focused content"
  2. "Publish frequently" 
  3. "Interact"

Point taken. I will try to do better.

Starting next post . . . because as something of a grammar Nazi, I do want to point everyone to a post called Loosey-Goosey Latin by Todd Defren. He reviews the provenance and usage rules for “i.e.”,  “e.g.”, “etc.” and “et al.” My only comment, other than complete support for defending decent usage, is that the post would have been thoroughly invaluable if he had taken some of his readers to task for verbalizing 'etc.' as 'eckcetera''.  Awful.

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