Random Social Media Notes

Note One:

One of the questions asked by corporate communicators about corporate blogging is how you handle negative comments. The answer is straightforward . . . with grace, patience and diplomacy, even if what you feel like saying is screw you. There is an instructive example of how to do it right in a response by Adam Nash of Linkedin to a nasty live blogged post at Web 2.OH really?(By the way, the blog's subtitle is 'A skeptic's guide to emerging web 2.0 technology.') On Nash's reaction the blogger commented "He started with a compliment and shifted into a clarification that reframed [and corrected] what I’d written. He ended with another compliment . . . This is a near-perfect display of best practices when responding to a negative post."

Note Two:

Steelmaker Arcelor MIttal today is holding its first in a series of investor and analyst meetings in the Second Life virtual world with the goal of reaching potential investors in a different demographic than its current pensioner retail investor base. Future intentions include offering Second Lifers the option of buying shares in Linden dollars. According to ArcelorMittal (Disclosure . . . a former H&K client) investor relations head Julien Onillon said the company will be happy if even 10 people turnout to the Second Life meeting. I hope ArcelorMittal will report publicly on whether this target is exceeded or at least reached. 

Note Three:

To provide a little balance to social media evangelism (including my own), here is a post with cautions about using YouTube as a corporate social media tool. The tone is off-putting. But the cautions and recommendations are useful. 

Bad Link re: YouTube Cautions

Force for Good