Random 'Tangible' Ideas

I am in Quebec City to present to a meeting of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation on new directions in communications which, of course, means social media. It's a simple fact that with the exception of sustainability, other "directions" run a poor second when it comes to scope and depth of impact on managing reputation today.

I don't have a lot of time to post. Dinner at Cafe du Monde awaits. So here is ANOTHER list of useful links that, given my propensity to avoid such lists, you can take to mean the content is valuable. I have been saving some of them up for weeks:

  • Financial Week has been publishing a series of articles on social media and corporate finance. The one on corporate blogging is basic but does suggest that the title of 'chief blogger is gaining some currency. Another in the series talks about info-arbitrage in cyber chatter . . .that concept alone making it worthwhile.
  • In my ongoing consideration of the astroturf issue, I came across a six month old post by Jeremiah Owyang on flogs, astroturfing, and fake blogs which provides a great 'don't-go-there' summary of some nasty non-transparent escapades. And there is a similar list of "brands that got punk'd" over the past five years.
  • And this from 'social media explorer' on the next generation of social media experts in which he points out that:

"(W)e’d better stay on top of our game because the fresh set of eyes of the next generation, the one that has grown up in the digital world, is about to hit the workforce with a level of aptitude far more anchored in this world than we are. In long-winded Jason Falls summary, let us not be like the generation of marketing folks ahead of us – the 50- to 60-year-olds who scoff at the idea of transparency and tell us to go play with our MySpace and let them show us how to market with their CBS Evening News spots and Redbook ads – because if we are, we’ll soon be made fun of just as much."

To quote almost anyone from The Wire . . . "true dat".

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