In a couple of weeks, I will be on a panel at the IPRA Summit in London with Roger Hammond, CEO of Living Earth and Guy Cote, vice president of media relations at JT International S.A. (a tobacco company).

Our panel will be looking at the topic . . . 'Impact of Pressure Groups and Activism on Communication Campaigns'.

IcgangI am starting to pull together my thinking on the theme and would be grateful if pointed towards any RECENT blog commentary, academic studies and especially surveys about the role of activism in driving or undermining corporate communications programs and campaigns.

It's not much, but in exchange we can connect with Twitter and I will update regularly on the ideas being discussed during IPRA Summit sessions, and write here about significant discussions.

One session in particular might be of interest to social media watchers: "New and Social Media in 2008 and Beyond" with among others panelist Christophe Ginisty, managing director or Rumeur Publique, who last year at the same conference provided controversial insights into the impact of social media on French politics.

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