Reputation Recovery - Needs Work

Peter Kurer, the new president of UBS, is right when, in a Financial Times cover story, he says that :

“We shouldn't fool ourselves. “We can’t pretend that there has been no reputational damage. Experience says it goes away after two or three years.”

That's probably about what it takes . . . but it depends on what you do, and how others see you. To start with, "goes away" is an imperfect way to describe what has to happen. And putting a time frame on reputation recovery (Ross suggests 3.5 years is closer to the norm) without having established the company's business renewal and communications plan is like trying to describe the length of piece of string.

Critical steps include creating internal stability, institutional investor tolerance (if not confidence) a clear business and market revitalization design and a communications strategy which incorporates employee and stakeholder trust building, evident commitment to responsible conduct and plans for use of effective digital strategies (including SEO?).

One wonders if UBS is starting on positive footing. It seems some investors including Luqman Arnold, UBS’s former president, don't think Mr. Kurer is the right man for the job given his background as the bank’s former general counsel. It might just take UBS a little longer.


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