The Old Link List

Once again an annotated list of interesting posts about communications, reputation and social media:

  • Now is Gone, the title of a book and a blog by Geoff Livingston, features a post by Ike Pigott about measuring the impact of blogging. It is a common sense and expressive discussion that gets backto basics. In particular, this makes a lot of sense:

"There is no baseline for exchange rates. There is no common currency. You have to decide what sort of measurement matters to you, and cultivate in that direction. The market is totally free - free for you to define, free for you to dissect, free for you to develop. Just beware those who have already put a price tag on what they offer you, particularly if you haven’t yet decided your goal."

  • This link comes from Jim Horton at Online Public RelationsThoughts and is about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being caught telling an untruth (otherwise known as a lie) about a visit to Bosnia in which she claimed to have landed under sniper fire when, in fact, a video clip proves that there was nothing of the sort. She admits to the mistake which is the right thing to do of course. But the more important lesson for CEOs and politicians is be careful what you lie about because in this digital age the watchdogs are many, quick off the mark, and ready to smack you down with the easy-to-find facts.
  • Mesh, Canada's Web conference, is being held this year in Toronto on May 21-22nd. Registration is now open. I'll go just to hear University of Toronto philosopher and author Mark Kingwell (not a blogger) and Rachel Sklar,The Huffington Post's media and special projects editor, speak.
  • Collin Douma at Radical Trust reminds us that "You can't buy your way into social media" and that "Credibility is earned by character not wealth". He has a way with words doesn't he?

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