Reporters Influenced by Social Media

Seems there is a more intimate relationship between mainstream and social media than admitted by many publishers, reporters and editors, at least those with whom I have shared panels recently. 

Valeria Maltoni at Conversationagent reports on a Brodeur (no relationship with Martin Brodeur, the all star goaltender for the New Jersey Devils) study "among a random sample of North American reporters and editors . . . focused on understanding how social media and blogs influence their work." (From a FoxBusiness report on the study)

I can't find a way to access the full survey, but here are a couple of interesting findings as reported by Ms Maltoni:

  • The biggest impact of blogs is in the speed and availability of news
  • Over half of respondents said that blogs were having a significant impact on the “tone” (61.8%) and “editorial direction” (51.1%) of news reporting
  • Nearly 70 percent of all reporters check a blog list on a regular basis
  • More than one in five (20.9%) reporters said they spend over an hour per day reading blogs 
  • Nearly three in five (57.1%) reporters said they read blogs at least two to three times a week
  • One in four reporters (27.7%) have their own blogs
  • Nearly one in five (16.3%) have their own social networking page

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