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CRO Magazine this week announced the winners of its 2008 CEO of the Year Awards. They recognize "effective leaders in professionalizing corporate responsibility practices—governance, risk, compliance, sustainability, philanthropy and CSR—within their own organizations." (The list is below)

I like the idea that CRO Magazine provides a range of awards for diverse types of organizations. Managing governance issues for Intel is much different than doing so in a small organization like Climate Exchange PLC. Managing the risk profile of Salesforce.com is of a lower order of complexity than watching over risk for the City of Chicago.

The City of Chicago you ask? Well, yes. Chicago mayor Richard Daley is one of the winners. Would I could be at the award ceremony on October 29th to get the scoop on what Mayor Daley has done to put the city on the track of sound governance.

And I can't let the last award-winner go without a nod . . . Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation carries the title of Chief Inspired Protagonist and blogs under the name Inspired Protagonist. New and enthusiastic job titles fascinate me . . . but would it be curmudgeonly to suggest there may be a deficit of humility in this one?   

And the winners are:

Large Market Public Company ($1+ billion 2007 revenues):  Paul Otellini, President & CEO, Intel Corp

Mid Market Public Company ($100 million-$1 billion 2007 revenues):  Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com

Small Market Public Company (<$100 million 2007 revenues): Neil Eckhart, CEO, Climate Exchange PLC

Non-Profit & Non-Governmental Organization:  Charles Moore, Executive Director, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

Government:  Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago

Corporate Foundation:  Stanley Litow, President, IBM International Foundation & Vice President IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs

Social Entrepreneur:  Jeffrey Hollender, President & Chief Inspired Protagonist, Seventh Generation

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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