Canadian Universities Challenge Intolerant Nonsense

A news report today that Canadian universities have condemned a cowardly and disgraceful resolution by Britain's University and College Union calling on British universities to freeze relations with Israeli academics and students makes me proud to be a Canadian.

The union's resolution, similar in spirit to an equally shameful declaration by the Ontario wing of the Canadian Union of Public Employees to boycott Israel, demonstrates the worst form of ahistorical, thoughtless, intolerant and anti-intellectual sophistry.

Congratulations to the more than 22 Canadian universities that have 'outed'  this nonsense. And kudos to former British prime minster Tony Blair for standing against intolerance disguised as 'fighting oppression'. (I guess I can remain proud of my British citizenship as well.) These are the kinds of tangible acts of defiance against simplistic political dogma that make the world a better place.

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