Social Media Conference

I was disappointed to be unable to attend Toronto's popular social media conference (MESH) this year although I had bought a ticket. (Business took me to Calgary for most of the week.) However, one of the signature benefits of the 'conversation' that is blogging is being able to turn to trusted observers for their take on missed events.

Doug Walker posted his notes on a couple of presentations by high profile speakers including Richard Edelman president of the eponymous public relations agency which has been both a leader and goat in exploring the use of social media strategies in corporate communications. Edelman comes across as a prescient thinker and a clear analyst of the new communications dynamic. Doug also summarizes a presentation by Mike Arrington, founder of TechCrunch. Here is what Arrington has to say about the way journalists are managing the world of citizen journalism . . . “Journalists lament the changes in communications. As they go through their death throes they are writing about the issue constantly. (They are) complaining as they go extinct.”

Maggie Fox of the Social Media Group took an interesting approach to reporting on MESH by 'twittering' her notes throughout the conference. The archive of her Twitter comments are available here. Not much substance, but lots of fun.

My colleague Meghan Warby, who blogs at 2nd Floor Living Without the Yard, decided not to post about the conference except to refer to her time spent as "geeking out" and to having found the opportunity to be "brilliant".

And I am still waiting for reports from Michael O'Connor Clark at Uninstalled and David Jones at PR Works.

Next year I vow to attend . . . not matter what!

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