Reputation Renewal

The people at Kryptonite, specifically Donna Tocci, have started a blog called Unbreakable Bonds which seems to have been timed to coincide with the launch of the company's cool new website.

Frankly, it's surprising Kryptonite took so long to re-energize its Web presence given that a high proportion of its customers are likely social media enthusiasts and that the company suffered a significant hit to its reputation not too long ago when YouTube featured a video on how to use a pen to jimmy the Kryptonite lock.

That being said, the blog is smart idea. It speaks directly to the demographic responsible for the viral spread of the YouTube clip. It radiates an energetic, fun and youthful corporate personality. And it kick-starts a company-centered social network that may come in handy in countering the damaging online "fun" that people have at the lock's expense.

A good step in revitalizing a slightly battered reputation. (Will we see the CEO posting?) Now it will be interesting to see how the company uses the blog to manage other reputational hits. After all, social media values advocate for forthrightness and transparency in managing  problems and challenges.

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