Social Media - A " Disrupive Communication Innovation "

Embedded on slide 11 of a presentation to Euroblog 2007 about the Second Annual Survey of PR Professionals (in 24 countries), is an awesome summary of why we have to get our minds around the effect of social media on communication strategies (and why some have difficulty doing so).

"Social software applications can be understood as a 'disruptive' communications innovation: they are changing the way organizations communicate internally and externally . . . The disruption affects organizational structure; for example, influences the legitimacy of leadership, the authenticity of communication and the relationship to stakeholders."

And a couple of useful facts highlighted by Philippe Borremans in his post on the conference at Conversation Blog:

    • 89% of PR professionals surveyed think that blogs and social software will be widespread and integrated into communications as websites are today
    • but 69% say they do not have the skilled personnel to handle them and 42% are unable to demonstrate the ROI of blogging


Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 12:00 AM

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