Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 12:00 AM

Who says Canadians aren't fun and inventive?

A scandal of sorts broke out this past week when Canada's national newspaper uncovered some perfectly legal, but ethically ambiguous, $5400 donations by children to the campaign of a candidate for the Liberal Party's leadership. By the end of the week, some resourceful wag had created a spoof 'Youth for Vope' website. The spoof site included testimonials from eight-year-olds like this: "When I found $5,400 in a brown envelope on a chair in a restaurant, I knew right away that the best way to use it was in support of Joe Volpe!" The site was taken down after the Volpe campaign threatented the domain registrar with legal action.

Not, it would seem, a smart move.

Mirror sites have appeared almost as quickly. So, the legal action had little impact and in lawyers' minds little merit in law. And now the Liberal Party is likely to face a thousand digital cuts as bloggers and pundits alike question the efficacy and political virtue of a democratic party shutting down dissent.  

For a short discussion of the whole thing, read Ron Hyndman's post from yesterday.

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