American Idol Pathology

A friend of mine, in a delightful post, recently admitted to being a fan of American Idol. I realize her observations are tongue-in-cheek, but I shudder when I read or hear that someone takes the show -- or any "reality" series -- seriously.

Actually, I take it seriously . . . but from a different point of view. With few exceptions, namely those with talent, most of the people who participate in reality shows are exhibiting almost pathological narcissism.

Such narcissism wouldn't be of concern except the extension of the pathology is the sense of entitlement that is suffused through the way some treat others: the fools who think their cell phone conversations are so important they can't wait until they don't disturb the peace of others; the 'rude mechanicals' (Shakespeare) who are discourteous when they drive; the silly soccer moms in their Escalades and Navigators who bull their way through life -- living out loud because silence might mean they have to think about the vacuity of their place in the world -- believing everything about them is special, when in fact it is simply sad.


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