Corporate Blogging Redux

Here are two more top something-or-other lists more-or-less useful for preparing your 2008 corporate reputation strategies:

  1. The 8 P's of Corporate Blogging (Melvin Yuan)
  2. The Top 8 Tips for Corporate Blogging in 2008 (Debbie Weil)

To these, I would also add one nine-point challenge to the so-called "social media rulebook" by Chip Griffin that takes on some of the received wisdom about what makes a successful blog.

Since I seldom get comments on my posts, I especially like Chip's comment that "you can have a great blog without comments." And here is number five, something for all corporate communicators to think about:

"It’s All About Conversation Not Messages. The word “conversation” has a very nice ring to it. It sounds egalitarian and idealistic, especially when applied to corporate marketing behavior. But ultimately social media campaigns are – and should be – about the message. Companies don’t control the message today any more than they did in the past. But to suggest that corporations or non-profits or political campaigns should be prepared to start a conversation and not try to guide it in such a way as to deliver a specific message is both naïve and wrong."

Mattel, Reputation Defense and CSR

Top Ten "Tangible" (Maybe) PR Ideas