Random Social Media Matters

Two bits of news/information of random, although useful, interest:

Random Matter One: Estonian Embassy in Second Life

1013_1_3The Republic of Estonia in Northern Europe is the first government to open an official embassy in Second Life. Daniel Vaarik, head of Hill & Knowlton Estonia (disclosure -- H&K is my employer, but I had nothing to do with this work) and known as 'Distant Signals' in Second Life, spearheaded the development of Estonia's presence in the virtual world. Second Life architect Scope Cleave designed the build. The embassy features photos of the country, an art exhibit and conference area.

Random Matter Two: MSM Coming to Terms with Blogging

Thanks to Judy Gombita (who blogs at PR Conversations) for pointing out this article about mainstream media coming to terms with blogging. I especially liked this comment about accountability and proofs, the lack of both being the usual charge leveled against blogs by mainstream media:

Blogging is also a highly accountable medium - if you have evidence, the convention is to cite it with a hyperlink. Readers can then check your sources with a single click. And if a blogger gets something wrong, attentive readers can quickly point out errors in the comments section, or on their own blog.

The article points to the fact that the most important bloggers in many fields are people who bring experience, insight, knowledge and judgment to what they write. Not all journalists covering the same fields -- including politics and business -- can say the same.

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