Strumpette Redux

Strumpette has raised its head one more time to make a loud and articulate plea to be considerably more restrained in our embrace of reputation strategies focused on social media. There are only a few comments on the post, which I take to mean either that people are completely confused by this anti--blog or that, like me, they are such neophytes in understanding the new social media dynamic that being clear about what is right or wrong in the 'Amanda Chapel' harangue will take a lot of reflection. And I promise to do that.

I do know there are a few (well more than a few) preposterous and ahistorical claims which undermine Strumpette's case ("Fact is, by and large we've become the business of aiding and abetting the forces destroying our culture.") put there one suspects just to kick us in the ass.

But at least one sentiment rings terribly true: "PR is (should be) the business of making the case to the public on behalf of a client. Exclusively! Period. And the disappearance of the skill of writing in our business is inextricably related to the loss of the ability to do just that. By default, this is absolutely why today the business endorses 'the conversation.' It's because the business has lost the ability to make a convincing, meaningful and memorable presentation. If you cannot do formal, endorse casual."

Finally, I don't have to feel so guilty about my own pedantic blogging and its attempts to be convincing and meaningful (although certainly not memorable I am afraid.)

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