Sponsorship and Social Networks

Now this is a subject to which I haven't given much thought and probably should.

Collin Douma of Radical Trust (the blog) and Social Media Group (the employer) poses a fundamental question abut sponsorship and social networks in a post: "How do sponsors get into this space and remain credible?" 

He apparently intends to answer the question in a session at a conference in Toronto on November 6, 2007 called Strategic Sponsorship Marketing; Canadian Summit. If I was there (I will be at the IPRA Summit in London -- And shouldn't we put a moratorium on the use of "summit" to describe a conference or workshop?), I would be tempted to ask "What should we advise if a sponsor wants to get into the space and isn't going to be the least bit credible being there?"

Maybe someone will ask it for me . . . or maybe Collin will?

'Blast of Fresh Air': The Conference

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