Communications Miscellany

Some communications and public relations miscellany of note:

  • Gary Schlee, who blogs here, is organizing a free "unconference" for corporate communications and Talk public relations people in Toronto. As Gary (a professor in Centennial College's post-graduate corporate communications program) writes, "In the spirit of unconferences . . . Talk is Cheap is free and features short presentations from registrants who will be sharing their expertise and experience with colleagues. The focus is social media (Web 2.0)"

  • The International Public Relations Association is holding its annual summit in London, November 5-6, 2007. There are a lot of top drawer speakers on the agenda including Larry Osai of the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, John Mickelthwait, editor of The Economist, and Margery Kraus, president and CEO, APCO Worldwide. I will be there in part to facilitate a roundtable discussion about social media and reputation building strategies. But I also plan to blog regularly during the sessions.
  • The well-known satirical blog Strumpette has been reborn under Brian Connolly as Furthermore, which promises to be even more scathing than its "accursed progenitor" to quote Samuel Beckett. Having been on the receiving end of a harangue from Connolly -- probably justified since I can sometimes  be intemperate in my praise of this new channel -- for a post that ostensibly smacked too much of social media evangelism, I am frankly delighted Connolly will keep Strumpette's spirit alive. There is always the need for sober (well maybe) criticism.

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