Second Life in 2007

Friends at a small firm called Social Signal are hosting a virtual reception today between 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to introduce a new colleague.

What's a virtual reception you ask? Well, this event is being held at the TechSoup office in Second Life, the virtual world that now has 2.4 million residents who within the last 24 hours alone spent nearly US$1.0 million. Their new colleague being introduced at the reception is someone who is apparently well-known for "interactive scripting in Second Life", which frankly means nothing to me.

But in the Social Signal newsletter announcing the reception and her appointment, Catherine Winters (aka Catherine Omega) has a short article on why organizations should take a much closer look at Second Life in 2007. It is a rather basic and not especially analytic piece. However, given the number of people in this virtual community -- and the many companies and organizations represented there -- as well as the amount of discussion it is generating in mainstream media, corporate and agency communicators will have to start taking its full measure this year. 

I vow to join and learn in 2007. Unfortunately, I can't make the reception today. Besides, I usually like a good glass of wine at a reception and I haven't yet created my avatar!

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