Air Canada Screws Up - Again

It has happened again . . . another Air Canada screw up.

I am posting this from Calgary's airport where I am waiting in the executive class lounge for an Air Canada flight back home. But I am not sure exactly when I will get home. Why? Because, even though my company is paying for a full-fare executive class ticket, they have "downgraded" the aircraft and I am now not guaranteed a seat on my flight.

Ridiculous. Apparently there was a problem with the scheduled aircraft. So, why the hell don't they "upgrade" the aircraft so there is room for all paying executive class passengers? Instead, they put on a smaller aircraft and hope somebody cancels. Of course, I understand the economics of Air Canada's actions:But the point is the airline should put customer service first in this situation. Forget economics and build customer loyalty!

Air Canada and customer service! I should know better. Four months ago I posted about flying Air Canada to Europe, eating a supposed gluten-free meal, and getting sick from some supposed gluten-free pasta. Having completed and mailed an Air Canada complaint form as requested by my flight attendant, and posting twice about this situation, I have heard absolutely nothing from the airline. In almost five months. No apology. No upgrade certificate. No additional points on the Aeroplan reward system. Nothing.

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