" The Wired Board "

Now here's an astonishing fact . . . or at least I think it is. More than 35% of the recipients of Directors & Boards magazine have used an iPod. Think about it: of 298 people who identify themseves primarily as directors of publicly or privately held companies, 100 of them are iPod users. And the average age of respondents is 55 years old. Assuming many are listening to reggae -- I do and I am 56 -- that still means there may yet be a future for podcasting as a means of reaching decision makers.

What else does the study tell us? That 66.2% of directors regularly read electonic or online versions of business media; that 41% read blogs covering business or personal issues; that 65% read online stock message boards related to their company and/or personal investments; that nearly 88% of them rate their personal comfort level with technology as excellent (41.2%) or good (46.6%); and that almost half have voted electronically on a board decision.

There is a lot more in the study about fears of hacking, theft and confidentiality. But to me these numbers are incontrovertible evidence that we are in the era of "The Wired Board" as the study is called.

Adjust your strategies accordingly. 

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