Catching Up

Evidently I have been recalcitrant of late in posting . . . not that there haven't been interesting things going on. Here's a short list of reading and films to consider purusing if you share my perspective on things:

  • The Libertine a film with Johnny Depp . . . but only if you favor restoration theatre and Elizabethan drama, deep moralizing and scenes only lighted by candles. I am still trying to sort out why I liked it since the Depp character is so vulgar and unlikeable. Give me a few days.
  • Post War: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt even if you don't usually read history books (I generally don't, preferring the interpretation of history by fiction writers). The book's sweep is astonishing; the perspective on how European countries make political and social decisions today dazzling; and the writing mellifluous.
  • Jpod by Douglas Coupland if only because it is fun and caustic at the same time.

And then there is one to avoid . . . unfortunately a Canadian film set in my town called Sabah about a 40-ish Muslim woman who falls in love with a non-Muslim much to the displeasure of her family. Predictable, soggy, vacuous.

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