Web 2.0 and Language Redux

I am delighted to see that Business Week's Robert Hof agrees with me about the somewhat abstruse nature of Web 2.0 language. After nodding to its language "peculiarities", he goes on to argue that  "For all its appeal to the young and wired, Web 2.0 may end up making its greatest impact on business", and later quotes Canada's own Don Tapscott on a similar note.

The article is a primer on how companies are trying to get their minds around the idea of the folksonomy of online conversation (Yes, I do know what it means . . . although I think the descriptive power of the word extends beyond its Wikipedia defintion of a community-oriented way of categorizing Web content) and its application to management and business strategy. Read it for verification that we are on to something here.

Different Worlds

Saturday, June 3, 2006 at 12:00 AM