Quirky Links

Some Wednesday morning links with purpose . . .

Iran's rather odd president has commissioned a "nuclear symphony" inspired by the country's push to become a nuclear power. It will debut next week. The argument that culture is politics has been given new credibility.

According to an article in New Scientist, researchers at Newcastle University discovered that simply placing a photograph of a pair of eyes next to a box where people paid for their coffee or tea on the honor system resulted in triple the amount paid for the beverages. CSR practitioners may now have a new tool at their disposal to ensure responsible corporate conduct.

A young man in Santa Cruz, California was so affected by a screeening of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth he decided everyone should see it. So he established an online process by which he is encouraging people who want to help others to see the movie to donate to a PayPal account. These funds will then be used to offer free admission to people who can't afford the ticket price. The web site is fascinating because he descibes the chronology of his decision to undertake the campaign, the building of the site and registering the domain, creating an activity log, etc. It is a chronicle of individual citizen activism.


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