Social Software and Online Communities

Sometimes I wish I lived in Vancouver . . . not for the mountains; although I am an aging mountain biker. Not for the restaurants; Toronto's are better. Not for the hockey; I will be a Leafs' fan until death. I just think it would be agreeable and refeshing to live closer to the heartland of leading ideas for digital community engagement.

For example, I could just drop down to San Francisco on May 25th to take in the Online Community Camp at the Ft. Mason Conference Center and exchange some ideas about social software. I could learn a lot from a planned session on "using online communities to enhance interaction within physical communities like neighborhoods, towns, and cities", (although the camp's model is such that the day's sessions are only determined on the morning of the conference . . . by discussion among participants!) 

Many corporate and government agency community consultation programs could benefit from digital alternatives to the traditional town hall/focus group/phone survey models. This might be the place to figure out how.

Then there is the Online Community Summit 2006 in Sonoma, California in October. Oh well . . . only dreaming.

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