Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie

Thanks to Elizabeth and Andrew Bamford, I have now added two new cheeses to the lengthy list of my favorites.

I recently stayed in their bed and breakfast called Les Fontaines in the tiny village of Barbery near Caens in Normandy. (Quiet, amiable, great fun.) After dinner the first evening (prepared by Andrew), Andrew brought in a huge wedge of Beaufort and an only slightly smaller piece of Tomme de Savoie, both from the Alpes region of France. Tomme de Savoie is a softer cheese tasting of grass and nuts; the Beaufort is more firm and has a lot in common with Emmental, but with a richer almost flowery flavour. We had both with a glass of Bordeaux (one of many that evening) .

Charles De Gaulle once said something like 'How can you govern a country that has more than 200 varieties of cheese'. My view is how can you NOT love a country that makes Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie . . . or St. Maure de Touraine . . . or Camembert . . . or Bleu de Bresse . . . or Bordeaux for that matter.

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