Internet and Politics

There is an interesting piece in the Sunday New York Times by Adam Nagourney about the impact of the internet on US politics. Political campaigners are looking at how to use podcasts to expand the domain for political messaging, Friendster and Facebook to reach new audiences, and blogging to insinuate themselves into sociopolitical conversations. Such techniques as "viral attack videos designed to set off peer-to-peer distribution by e-mail chains without being associated with any candidate or campaign" are making their presence felt as well.

Leave it to American campaigners to come up with some of the nastiest uses to discredit leaders of the opposing stripe. (The left and right are equally adept it seems.) For example, there is some ingenuity evident among Tennessee Republicans who set up a web site called "Fancy Ford" to highlight what they perceived as the egregious spending habits of a Democratic representative.

In Canada,  I don't think we are quite there yet . . .

Ronald Bryden - An Appreciation (11)

Ronald Bryden - An Appreciation (10)