Leaving London

London really is a marvellous city. I spent the day wandering from Aldywch to the Knightsbridge area and back again by way of Soho (in which I must have spent half my evenings when not attending conference or business dinners). The goal of my meandering was ostensibly to find Harrod's in order to buy my wife a souvenir gift. But that was in part only an excuse to do what I most enjoy about travelling . . . walking and watching.

The streets of London on a Saturday are thronged. Imagine Fifth Avenue on a warm spring evening, and then double or triple the number of people shopping. And it's like that wherever you go in this city. Every restaurant and pub seems packed at lunch time. People stand in groups outside pubs sipping pints in the warm sunshine. (No way that would be allowed in Toronto.) Others sit in outdoor cafes nursing espressos, lattes and, of course, cups of tea even though the temperature is only about 11 degrees celsius. Even walking alone, it's hard to feel lonely.

I also took some pictures some of which I will post when I get home. They aren't the standard tourist shots . . . a close up of the London School of Economics (LSE) which, were I younger and not already over-credentialed, would be my destination for another degree; a shot of the Fleet Street and Old Bailey street signs; a view of the Covent Garden market.

The only drawback to London is the cost, although there are some good sales on right now. Let me give you just one example . . . a taxi to Heathrow comes in at about C$120.00! Steak in a good -- but not luxurious -- restaurant costs upwards of C$35. I guess that's why everyone seems to eat a lot of pub food.

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