London Preoccupations

A couple of things I have noticed about coverage in London newspapers, which will seem blindingly obvious to anyone who lives here I am sure:
  1. Football (soccer) coverage, even in leading mainstream dailies, is substantially more in-depth than sports coverage in Canada. We are passionate about hockey, but you seldom see more than one article about the local team. The Times, on the contrary, today has nearly seven pages on various football matches, most with pictures.
  2. Discussion of books and ideas is more all-embracing than I experience in Canada or the U.S. In the U.S. and Canadian newpapers I read, the minutiae of federal politics combined with endless consideration of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dominates. In the U.K. on the other hand, I have read about six different articles in three newspapers about Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion a rebuttal of religion and a defence of atheism.

Not sure what it means . . . but I do love football (soccer) and I have bought the Dawkins' book to read on the flight home.

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