Public Policy and Social Media

Debate on public policy should find a natural outlet in the demos of social media. It is a stage set ready made for the presentation and exploration of complex ideas (maybe best in single rather than multiple acts.) Of course, social media also require commitment to engagement at a minimum and dialogue at best, which timid or over-academic think tanks might find a little menacing. 

Nevertheless, I have asked our research department to help find and analyze best practices of North American think tanks with respect to their use of various social media -- including blogs and podcasts -- as a forum for engaging with their audiences about the ideas they research and present . . . although I assume we can rule out You Tube as a popular  infrastructure for releasing white papers.

If any one can direct me towards a think tank or academic center that is using social media well as tools for the presentation and discussion of focused ideas (other than those U.S. think tanks which seem to specialize in the interminable discussion of the minutiae of popular politics), I would love to know about them. Post a comment and link if you don't mind.  


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