Social Media - A Global Phenomenon?

Next week I will be in London for the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Summit. Although at the Summit as a paying attendee, I will be facilitating something called a "champagne roundtable" around the issue of social media and its impact on issue management strategies.

I suggested the topic because I am hoping to learn whether the phenomenon of social media as a connector and driver of new communications strategies is as global as those of us engaged with it believe . . . or hope. There are some top notch speakers and program subject areas during the conference, but not much focus on digital communications in general or social media in particular at least that I can see.

So, my roundtable may be an outlier, sparsely attended and, therefore, featuring a surfeit of champagne which I will feel compelled to consume! Nevertheless, I promise to report on the outcome fully and with appropriate sobriety. 

Heading "Home"

Gilles Pontecorvo