Catching Up

News in brief . . .

I got an Ipod Nano for my birthday so I am enjoying the world of podcasting. Since my business is corporate communications and issues management, downloading podcasts for listening while working out at the gym is a great way to keep up with industry ideas (Athough it's a bit surprising how banal some podcasts can be: If you are listening to a podcast, it's safe to say that you're ready to be pushed into thinking in new ways.)

And in the past two weeks I have seen a poor King Lear (William Webster at Toronto's Soulpepper Theatre) -- in which the howling on the heath actually began in the first act and continued to Lear's thankfully timely death -- and a stellar performance at the Air Canada Centre by Eric Clapton.

Needless to say, the Boyd Nano now also features great deal of old rock including Cream, Iron Butterfly and The Doors . . . nostalgia has won out for the time being.

An Artist and a Friend

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