New York, New York

Heading to New York on Sunday for a Monday morning meeting, I thought I would write about the five things I most love to do in Manhattan to see if anyone has any other suggestions:
  1. The theatre . . . this time I am thinking of seeing a Sunday matinee of Doubt (assuming tickets are available at TKTS!) which won Pulitzer and Tony awards for best new drama. Apparently the original cast of Cherry Jones and Brian F. O'Byrne may be changing after this Sunday so the timing of my Monday meeting could be felicitous.
  2. Dinner at a good restaurant . . . maybe Union Square Cafe . . . unless a reader has another suggestion for a quality restaurant in which a solitary person can feel confortable.
  3. Visiting the Museum of Jewish Heritage, especially since it is featuring a photo exhibit of a small Jewish community in Uzbekistan.
  4. Walking around the East Village, simply to enter through imagination the world of painters, novelists and poets who made -- and make -- it their home.
  5. Buying cheap polo shirts on Canal Street, or maybe some ties on sale at Brooks Brothers?

A little prosaic I guess, but not a bad agenda for a 36-hour business trip on a Sunday and Monday in January. Oh yes . . . of course Bloom's Jesus and Yaweh: The Names Divine comes along for the plane flight since I am still wading through it!

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