Certificate in CSR

Both my kids are in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, considered one of the best undergraduate business education programs in Canada. Neither son has -- yet -- signed up for the business school's Certificate in Corporate Social Responsiblity. To be frank, I don't expect they will. The course involves participation in three 'CSR weekends' over the four years of the undergraduate program and a variety of other evaluated community-based activities. But the question for them and other business students will be Will this help me get $50,000-a-year entry level position on graduation? I think they'll answer no, and I won't blame them. While most companies in Canada at least mouth the CSR mantra, and many produce detailed CSR reports, it is a moot point how deeply embedded in today's business leaders is the concept of companies acting responsibly in the social, environmental and economic spheres. If not pushed by a mistrustful public and advocacy groups and citizen journalists demanding transparency, would many of our business leaders simply step away from investments in transparent governance, community philanthropy, and environmental damage control and repair? I don't know. But I suspect the level of take-up of Queen's CSR certificate by tomorrow's business executives, may be a leading indicator.

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