Keyla the Sloth

I don't intend to spend a lot of time writing about dogs, cats, flowers and relationships. But my dog is a little special. This is Keyla. She is a purebred Vizsla.

Hard to believe it from this picture, but Keyla is a hunting dog. Hard to believe she is a hunting dog when you see her reaction to thunder, fireworks, hacking coughs, the sound of skateboards, inline skates, and crackling fires. When she isn't cowering from loud noises, with tail tucked, she is actually beautiful and very artistocratic in her bearing.

I am not sure dogs are capable of love . . . I read in the New York Times I think that they are actually parasitic in their relationships . . . feed me and I will be your friend. Nevertheless, whatever you call the affection she gives it is unencumbered, warm and real. That's enough.

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