In Search of Good Music

For those who think Canadian music is limited to Bryan Adams, Neil Young and Celine Dion, here are a couple of Canadian singer-songwriters to check out. I am not very good at figuring out to which genre singers belong. So don't ask me to tell you whether they are popular rock, folk, alternative, or 'torch'.

First there is Ron Sexmith who I guess you could say is in the Ben Harper mold, whatever that is. His lyrics are somewhat melancholic, but they speak of things other than love and loss. He has a wistful song called Lemonade Stand that brings back that feeling as a kid of sitting out on the street on a hot summer day trying -- usually unsuccessfully -- to sell your neighbours a glass of sugary water. With a quirky voice, lovely harmonies and a gentle way with the acoustic guitar, he puts on a really warm concert. Check out Former Glory, These Days, and Gold in Them Hills from Cobblestone Runway. (I would post a clip but I am writing from a dial-up connection today) and his latest album called Destination Unknown (Sexmith & Kerr).

Not so ironically I guess, the other singer I am listening to these days is Feist whose latest CD is called Let it Die. I say not so ironically because one of the best songs on the CD is Secret Heart, which is written by Ron Sexmith! Both Gatekeeper and Mushaboom on Let it Die are smoky, moody, lounge-type songs . . . I mean that in a good way. Think of romance, quiet dinners, that kind of thing. (Do people still do that?) Her website (Boy, dial-up is really sloooooow) says she is in Chicago next week, and San Francisco on Nov. 9th. So, what do you think?

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