Social Web Recap 28.05.18

Social Web Recap 28.05.18

My weekly annotated summary of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts

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Love the Numbers

Nothing surprising, to me at least, about this chart from a leading provider of market and consumer data — Statista — on the distribution of Instagram users in Canada by gender as of May 2018. Would you have expected an even more significant differential between women and men?


Political Advertising

It's tangential to my blog's self-defined mandate, but I thought I'd provide an annotated list of articles summarizing changes announced last week by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to their political advertising rules for the U.S. . The policies only apply to the U.S. , but will likely be modeled elsewhere. Those with no interest in politics can ignore . . . 

Facebook updates policies to crack down on shady political ads, Karissa Bell, Mashable

Facebook is now labeling political ads to try and prevent another Russian situation, Kurt Wagner, Recode

Twitter reveals new guidelines and disclosure rules for political ads, Nick Statt, The Verge

Cheatsheet: What Facebook and Twitter changed about political advertising, Kerry Flynn, Digiday


Instagram introduced muting, a “new way to control what posts you see on Instagram”, without letting the muttee know about it. The new feature lets you “hide posts in feed from certain accounts, without unfollowing them”, although you still can see the posts if you like, and get notified if you’re tagged in any of them.


The value to digital strategists of this Facebook update isn’t self-evident (and of no benefit really if you live outside the U.S.),  but Facebook has created “a new way for people in the US to use Marketplace to find the right professional for the job, starting with home services.” You can use Marketplace to plan home projects and reach out to hundreds of thousands of building professionals. Why Facebook chose this market to continue its Marketplace expansion frankly isn’t clear to me.

Facebook is providing additional support for 'Group' administrators, those sometimes beleaguered individuals who set up interest-based groups only to then find that herding members can become problematic and troublesome.  For example, it is piloting 'admin support' where admins can report an issue or ask a question. Of special interest will be new features for group rules — "When admins or moderators remove a post that violates the rules of their community, they can now notify the member with details on which group rule they broke. Admins and moderators will also be able to collaborate by adding notes in their admin activity log when they remove a post."

Facebook is launching a new feature that allows Instagram advertisers to turn existing organic Instagram posts into ads. WERSM ('We Are Social Media) says it will be available for the brand awareness, post engagement, reach, and video views objectives, and "will be available in 'auction buying”in both Ads Manager and Power Editor."


Small publishers have a new  tool for learning how to produce original content and videos :"Twitter plans to roll out a website in the next couple weeks to teach smaller publishers how to produce content, including live and on-demand videos, for Twitter and make money from the content, Twitter’s vp of emerging content products, Mike Park, announced at the Digiday Video Summit on May 22."


Backing away a bit from the rather ghoulish location broadcasting of its Snap Map feature, TechCrunch's Josh Constine reports that "Snapchat now lets you send your ongoing real-time location to a friend, or request theirs, which show up on the Snap Map and within your message thread."


YouTube has replicated its mobile-only messaging feature to YouTube on the web. Natt Garun at The Verge says "Now, when you’re logged into your Google account and browsing YouTube.com you can share and talk about videos with your friends right on the site. You can access conversations from the chat bubble icon next to the notifications bell on the upper right corner."

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