Social Web Recap 26.02.2018

Social Web Recap 26.02.2018

A weekly annotated short summary of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.

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A reminder for those always ready to dismiss Twitter, 47% of marketers agreed it was the best social media channel for customer engagement and among Millenials the usage numbers look not too bad . . . from a post by Adam York on the Sprout blog.



Social has become a game-changing tool in crisis situations like that of the slaughter of students and teachers at a Florida high school. Although Twitter and messaging apps are the principal communication devices, Facebook is a way for friends and families to share information, updates, expressions of concern and sympathy, and reassuring or tragic photos. In response, Facebook is boosting its “Community Help efforts, now enabling companies like Lyft, Chase, International Medical Corps and Save the Children to easily provide information and services, like food, transportation and shelter, to people in crisis.” The expanding list of partnerships includes Chase, Feeding America, International Medical Corps, The California Department of Forestry and Fire, and Save the Children.

Postcards to confirm authenticity? Yes, Facebook has said it plans to send postcards to confirm that election advertisers are truly resident in the country. Publications are reporting that “if your ad mentions a candidate in the running, you’ll receive a postcard sent to your address stateside with a code that you’ll have to authenticate with.”

Facebook Messenger will now let you add more friends and family members to a voice or video call without having to hang up first.  As explained in the Facebook 'Newsroom', "with this new feature, you can simply turn a one-on-one video chat or voice call into a group call – without having to interrupt the conversation."

Watch out Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, Facebook is coming for you. It announced last week that it had signed a deal with ICE Services "to provide music licensing and royalty collection for works and artists represented by the group, when their music is used on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger." TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden points out that "The deal is significant because, as ICE describes it, it’s the first multi-territorial license Facebook has signed with an online licensing hub: it will cover 160 territories and 290,000 rightsholders."


Mashable has come across a few changes Snapchat is making to stem one assumes the blowback from its unpopular redesign. The changes still in beta include “a new look for the app's Friends section that divides content into three tabs: Groups, Stories, and All. It appears that the "All" is the default section, which is basically the same as the algorithmic feed in the redesign. What's new, though, are dedicated tabs for group chats and Stories.”

Snapchat lofted some other changes this week, including  the ability to add GIF stickers from Giphy to posts  and "adding tabs to both the Friends and the Discover screens within the app, which will make it easier for users on the platform to follow along with the Stories they want to see whenever they want to see them, letting you do things like viewing friends with active stories and Group Chats in one tab and subscriptions you maintain in the other."

The image messaging platform is also planning to boost to about 80 the number of Snapchat video shows it releases this year . These will include "what could be its first serialized, scripted shows", although it won't be subsidizing production of those shows. Nevertheless, Snapchat's younger user base continues to be an appealing target for publishers, networks and, of course, advertisers.

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