Social Web Recap 25.12.17

Social Web Recap 25.12.17

I'll be interested to see whether posting this on Xmas day will see my visitor numbers shrink.  But I've committed to regular posting, so here goes . . .

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The least important factor for Millennials when they judge a fashion 'influencer' is the number of followers . . . Style tops the list.  The research from Dealspotr also provides evidence that Millennials are starting to trust influencers less these days.


Reddit announced a major upgrade to its mobile apps last week according to TechCrunch: "Today’s updated apps introduce a number of new features focused on media consumption – including how it handles photos, videos and GIFs – plus the addition of things like live comment feeds, in-app chat, tools for moderators and more." Reddit is trying to take back some control of mobile from third-party app suppliers.


Working hard at making life easier for advertisers on the popular messaging app, Snapchat is making available to every advertiser a lens studio toolkit or templates and and guides so they "can create lenses on their own, instead of going through a manual process with the Snapchat team. This move fits Snapchat’s overall ad strategy of making its inventory programmatic."


Instagram is making it easier for people to invite others to watch their live videos . . . "You can now send live videos to friends in Direct. With a single tap of the Direct icon, you can send your own live video — or a live video you’re watching — to a friend or a group of friends to encourage them to join ." You can always disable the option and use Direct in your stories settings.'  

Raymond Wong at Mashable reports that Instagram quietly "added  a new commenting feature that you won't see unless you look at a post for more than five seconds . . . go to your Instagram feed and scroll down to a post. Wait five seconds and you should see an "Add a comment..." box." This new feature's value escapes. It's not as if Instagram is used for political or literary commentary.


Facebook has finally negotiated a deal with Universal Music Group that will allow Instagram, Facebook and Oculus video creators "to upload and share videos containing music from UMG’s artists without having the videos removed due to copyright violations."  Talks also continue with Warner Music Group and Sony Music Group to extend the arrangement to them.

Continuing its fight against false news on the platform, Facebook will be replacing 'Disputed Flags' with 'Related Articles' to help give people more context about the story." Launched in 2013 'Related Articles' appear after you have read an article in your news feed and suggest other articles on the same or similar topic. Its research showed that the red flags attached to questionable content may have entrenched rather than challenged strongly held views. The hope is that providing more context for stories will afford balance.

Tired of spammy click bait posts on Facebook? Who isn't?  "So, starting this week, we will begin demoting individual posts from people and Pages that use engagement bait" Engagement bait it explains "seeks to take advantage of our News Feed algorithm by boosting engagement in order to get greater reach." Watch out bait building marketers! 

In a veritable cornucopia of concern, the social network also introduced some new tools to help limit harassment (especially of women and journalists). The tools " Proactively recognize and help prevent unwanted contact like friend requests and messages when someone you blocked sets up a new account or tries to contact you from another account they control (and) Provide the option to ignore a Messenger conversation and automatically move it out of your inbox, without having to block the sender."

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