Social Web Recap 03.07.17

Social Web Recap 03.07.17

A weekly annotated one-two sentence summary of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.


Good news for social strategists and PR and marketing professionals . . . Facebook plans on upping its game in providing  improved metrics for measuring campaign outcomes., starting with introducing a new metric called 'landing page views'.  It measures the number of visitors that actually land on a website after link clicking an ad. It has also added a 'pre-impression activity breakdown' showing how many people are new visitors and how many are returning customers who have previously engaged with an advertiser’s website or app. And Facebook is adding three new reporting metrics:

Follows over time, including insights into where follows happen, follower demographics, and a breakdown of organic and paid follows.

Previews, displaying the number of people who saw a page's information even if they only drifted over the page name on desktop.

Recommendations, which shows the number of times a page has been included "under someone’s recommendation as a suggestion from friends and family."

Facebook also rolled out this week 1.1 of Discover "which enables people to browse and find bots and businesses in Messenger." Discover you'll recall (although maybe like me you missed it) "showcases popular bots in our ecosystem, nearby places that people can message, and businesses that offer support or answer questions."

At the end of the week, Facebook took further steps in the seemly never ending battle to eliminate spam, misinformation and clickbait.  A retrofit of its algorithm will detect links aggressively shared by suspected spammers and de-prioritize them in the News Feed.


For U.S. users only at the moment, Snapchat  has added functionality that will allow the creation and submission of custom filters directly in the app, rather than having to go to the mobile creative studio to make custom filters. How to make use of it: "pick from a list of pre-set occasions, select a template and edit to customize using text, Bitmojis, and Snapchat’s Sticker library, too. You specify the time and the location where you want it to be available, defining the area on a map, and then submit the design for Snapchat approval."

Not really a platform development, but it is worth noting that four new publishers in France have signed up to feature their content in Snapchat Discover— Vogue, MTV, L’Express and Society.


According to The Washington Post (subscription required) Twitter is "exploring adding a feature that would let users flag tweets that contain misleading, false or harmful information" to help it in its battle to fight abuse from "hate-spewing trolls" (even a U.S. President?) Only being prototyped at the moment, with no current launch plans, Twitter clearly recognizes something has to be done about .

Again, not a platform development, but how could I not include Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling's theory about the U.S. president's undignified and illiterate tweeting: "Nobody wants to find out that the President of the USA is constantly drunk, but my god, it would explain a lot."


Continuing with the theme of keeping the world safe from toxic comments, Instagram is introducing a filter that blocks certain offensive comments on posts and in live video (English only at the moment, but it also added a spam filter in nine languages.) According to Jacob Kastrenakes in The Verge, the filter will use machine learning (AI) "to identify comments that seem offensive, giving the system some ability to take into account the reply’s context, potentially catching more bad comments and cutting down on false positives at the same time." 


YouTube has opened its 'Uptime' app to everyone. The app lets users watch videos with friends and comment on them directly within the app, instead of viewing them in YouTube then sharing them later on other social networks.  

The video platform also introduced some new tools for 'creators' — access to Facebook Live, better metrics and new tools for creating broadcast intros and exits and custom stickers and frames.

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