Social Media Update 24.06.19

Social Media Update 24.06.19

A weekly annotated curation of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.  

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Love the Numbers

Mary Meeker’s annual state of the internet presentation is always an occasion for wailing, handwringing and tea-leaf reading, especially among publishers, journalists and marketing executives. Nieman Lab ‘s Joshua Benton this year took a deep dive into just one of what he calls “the scariest slide” in the 300+ slide deck to interpret what it says about media consumption and advertising dollars. His “scariest” findings:

  1. “In 2010, print media took up 8%of our media attention — but an outsized 27% of ad dollars. In 2018, print media took up only 3% of our attention and 7%of ad dollars.

  2. “In 2010, mobile took up 8% of our media attention and 0.5% of ad dollars. In 2018, mobile took up 33% of our attention and an equal 33%of ad dollars.”

  3. And one I find most interesting: “Desktop is now a flat-to-declining source of media consumption — still with strength during weekday working hours, but utterly abandoned for mobile on nights and weekends.”



Anna Hensel at Modern Retail provides a bit more detail on Pinterest’s announcement a few months ago about its push to become more relevant to direct-to-consumer brands : “Pinterest has released a new campaign type called conversion optimization out of beta that it said it says has proven popular especially among DTC brands. Conversion optimization allows advertisers to set a greater variety of goals — like increased online checkout or lead generation — they want to optimize a set of promoted pins for.”


According to Twitter Support, it is removing the ability to tag a precise location from the app, although you can still do so in tweets from the Twitter camera.


Last week, YouTube’s owner Google introduced “AR Beauty Try-On, which lets viewers virtually try on makeup while following along with YouTube creators to get tips, product reviews, and more. Thanks to machine learning and AR technology, it offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones.” The purpose is to enable cosmetic brands “to tap into YouTube’s vibrant creator community, deploy influencer campaigns to YouTube’s 2 billion monthly active users, and measure their results in real time.”


This update has nothing to do with marketing or public relations, but for users it’s useful to know that Instagram is “making a series of changes that will make it easier for people to regain access to a hacked account (it)will allow users to access its account recovery tools directly in the app, even if a hacker has changed their account information.” (via Karissa Bell at Mashable)

Instagram is testing a ‘Suggestions for You’ “under some posts sent through Instagram direct messaging.” In the example given in the Mashable story, writer Rachel Kraus received ‘suggestions’ of celebrity accounts apparently because the original DM post included a link to a celebrity account. Seems a little presumptuous I think.

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