Social Media Update 13.05.19

Social Media Update 13.05.19

A weekly annotated curation of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.  

(Having missed my post last week due to travelling in Israel for two weeks, this post will be a simplified summary of major social media platform updates since April 29, 2019. Back to the normal post format next week.)

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Love the Numbers

What Instagram gains, Facebook loses! Marketers are going to increase Instagram organic activities (as opposed to advertising), while Social Media Examiner’s 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report at the same time reports “that 10% of marketers indicated they'll be decreasing their organic marketing on Facebook. This is greater than for any other platform.”



Facebook ‘F8 Conference’ highlights (from Mashable):

  1. “Facebook redesigns mobile app and desktop site around Stories, Groups, and events”

  2. “Facebook is currently testing a Meet New Friends tool in select markets. It eventually plans a wider rollout and integration with Groups. “

  3. A “stripped-down version of Messenger will focus on chat, highlight your “close friends,” and feature video co-watching capabilities.”

New ‘automated ads’ functionality will let “business owners can answer a few questions about what kind of company they are and about their goals for the campaign. Then based on their answers — as well as the information on their Facebook Page — Facebook will create recommendations for the audience they should target, the budget they should set and even how the different versions of the ad should look and what they should say.”

Facebook added a new set of templates for posting birthday wishes as Facebook Stories.

You can now book an appointment with a business or health professional for example, and have it confirmed, directly through Instagram and Facebook. 


Also announced at the F8 Conference:

  1. “Messenger is providing a new set of plug-and-play solutions aimed at making it easier for businesses to drive in-store traffic, generate leads, and provide customer care.”

  2. Messenger will also “launch Mac and PC desktop apps, a faster and smaller mobile app, simultaneous video co-watching and a revamped Friends tab, where friends can use an emoji to tell you what they’re up to or down for.”


New additions to the Instagram Stories experience:

  1. A donation sticker to create a nonprofit fundraiser and mobilize a community around a cause.

  2. A new camera design including ‘Create Mode’ “which gives you an easy way to share without a photo or video” by using popular effects and interactive stickers.

  3. Enabling direct purchase of products tagged by creators without having to take a screenshot or asking for product details in comments or ‘Direct’.

Canada is hosting a test by Instagram to hide Like counts from a post’s viewers, although the poster can still see the ‘like’ authors.

Instagram will “will block hashtags that surface false information about vaccines.”


As of last week, “you can now add a photo, video or GIF to a Retweet, instead of only text.”


TechCrunch reports that Tinder launched “a new feature called ‘Festival Mode,’ designed to connect singles attending the same music festival.”

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