Social Media Update 03.06.19

Social Media Update 03.06.19

A weekly annotated curation of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.  

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Love the Numbers

The first study, reported recently in a Nieman Lab article by John Wihbey called ‘Journalists know they need to get better with data and statistics, but they have a long way to go’, found that there “was a modest correlation between the partisanship of the personal network a journalist follows on Twitter and the content she produces . . . There is solid evidence of partisan segregation stretching across the news and social media worlds, and society should be worried about trends that might make polarization worse over time.”

The second chart—based on a UK study by Ofcomm called Online Nation 2019— is of more concern given what it says about the prevalence of online harassment and ‘potentially harmful online experiences’, especially among children ages 12-15 years old.,



With five million downloads since May 2, 2019, the most popular app in the App Store for the past couple of weeks is something called Yolo. Mashable explains that “It's an anonymous Q&A app that lets people ask their social media followers for feedback. Unlike other anonymous apps before it, though, the app is built around Snapchat. You can log in with your Snapchat credentials (your Bitmoji avatar is optional)  and the app then redirects you to Snapchat, where you can ask for ‘feedback’ directly from your followers.”


Snapchat’s parent company—Snap—is working a licensing deal to let Snapchatters to tuck music in their posts. According to The Verge “Snap is in talks with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group to license songs for users to embed in posts, according to a Wall Street Journalreport. The deal would give users access to a broad catalog of songs to post on Snapchat, much like the features available for Instagram Stories and TikTok.”


Although Instagram denies it, evidence reported in Mashable by way of Matt Navarra suggests that an ‘Order’ button may be coming to ‘Stories’. That Instagram could be testing such a button is feasible since, as Mashable rightly points out the photo and video-sharing social network “has been pushing harder into shopping in recent months. The app recently introduced a new checkout feature, which lets you buy products without leaving the app, and allows some influencers to sell products directly in their posts. Instagram will also start highlighting dedicated shopping channels in its new Explore section.”


Two changes being tested by Tinder would see some Tinder gold and plus-level subscribers having “the opportunity to break the algorithm and push their profile to the top of people’s potential match stacks”, and another feature would allow subscribers and non-subscribers alike “to pay to view read receipts on chats.” The Verge provides further detail and how the read receipts would work.

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