Social Web Recap 18.06.18

Social Web Recap 18.06.18

My weekly annotated summary of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts

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Love the Numbers

Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School last week released the results of its two-year study into the relationship between technology platforms and journalism. A survey of more than a thousand American and Canadian newsrooms were surveyed, most of which were local.  The chart captures their reaction to whether social media platforms are doing enough to combat fake news. Guess what . . . not nearly enough it seems ,with the most disappointing being Facebook.



You can now delete messages you’ve sent directly to friends or in a group chat on Snapchat by holding the message and selecting ‘delete’ when the option menu appears.

Snapchat is testing a feature similar to Instagram's 'Boomerang' effect, which creates a forward and backward video loop. Tentatively called 'Bounce', it "appears alongside the other video playback tools. Using a slider, you select a portion of the video to 'bounce. The clip will play backward and forward in a loop, similar to a Boomerang."


Coming soon to the top real estate of your Twitter account you will see alerts, including live video, about relevant events, breaking news and stories and curated tweets about the alerts. Twitter  may also push a notification to you about an event or story based on who you follow and the content of your own tweets. According to Keith Coleman, vice-president of product at Twitter, “It will be easier to find and follow the big events and stories you care about in your timeline, notifications, and Explore. Also, there’s a new look and feel for Moments showing everything you’d want to see.”


Instagram's 300 million daily users are now be able to shop directly from  select brand 'Stories' by tapping a shopping bag icon to get more details about a product. Just another way for companies to sell you stuff, which I am sure is why people use Instagram. Right?

The Verge's Ashley Carman reports that Instagram is "no longer testing a feature that would have let people see when someone took a screenshot of their story." 


Accompanied by some 'so what' carping, Facebook last week launched Memories, "a single place on Facebook to reflect on the moments you’ve shared with family and friends, including posts and photos, friends you’ve made, and major life events." The new 'Memories' page wraps an older feature—On This Day—with newer sections called 'Friends Made This Day', 'Recaps of Memories' ( seasonal or monthly recaps of memories bundled into a message or short video), and 'Memories You May Have Missed' 


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