Social Web Recap 06.11.17

Social Web Recap 06.11.17

A weekly annotated short summary of significant social web platform developments from the previous week, with links and carping marginalia as needed . . . Posted every Monday morning or thereabouts.

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Not only is Facebook continuing its steady growth in monthly active users, especially in Asia-Pacific countries, but it is also beating earnings estimates with a 79% year-over-year increase in profitability to $4.7 billion. Tell me again about how all the cool kids are hot on other platforms.


Social Media Examiner reports that LinkedIn is considering moving into creating original video content: "Comments made by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner suggest the company is open to developing original video programming for the platform. The company even identified specific career-minded shows or professional sports content that might be a fit for the network." 


Of interest to marketers who love their tracking pixels (code embedded on websites that allows tracking of actions taken by people after seeing an ad), Snapchat has finally introduced its own conversion tracking pixel to support its "performance-based advertising model that’s geared toward direct response marketers that want to connect the dots between ads served within the app and website traffic."


Not surprisingly, kids like YouTube. So the video platform has introduced some changes to the YouTube Kids app which make it both more fun . . . and safer. The changes include profiles customized for the child's experience,  app redesign to tailor it better for specific ages,  a new parent setup process, and a secret passcode for kids (which can be over-ridden by parents).


You can now choose to use Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi for Instagram updates.

Two new tools introduced to Instagram last week evidence its commitment to bettering the platform's creative video experience. Having recently launched superzoom functionality, it has started testing stop motion video "that lets you take a long series of photos, which Instagram stitches up into a GIF that you can post in your story".


Mark Zuckerberg is turning his attention (other than on fake Russian ads) to how to build and sustain video-based communities on the platform. In part he is able to do so because of Facebook's continued strong growth in monthly active users (see above chart) and its increasingly successful tussle with Snapchat — "Now that most of Facebook products, including Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Messenger Day, have their own augmented reality face filters, they’ve hit a degree of feature parity with Snapchat."

Facebook launched 'Facebook Polls' last week (after only recently adding polling functionality on Instagram) to facilitate anyone soliciting opinions for personal or business purposes. Its question architecture is limited to one question and two choices as answers, although you can use photos or a GIF selected from a library of GIFs  as answers to enliven the polling. TechCrunch warns, though, that "the answers aren’t anonymous and aren’t only visible to a poll’s creator."

Facebook is also testing what Recode calls a 'red envelope' feature that "might let users send money to others on the service" as well as a 'breaking news' tag that publishers can attach to their posts.



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