Will Generation Z Run the World Better ?

If the research results about the generation born after 1995 (called by some 'Generation Z') sampled below are true, then I hope I'm still around to see them run the developed world.

Captured in an infographic from Marketo, four things stand out from the reserach: Teenagers today are ready to work hard for realistic goals, have a social conscience, will work collaboratively and are awesome multitaskers.

Here's how they compare to Millenials

And this will warm the hearts of every nonprofit and social activist on the planet:

Oh yeah they are fleeing Facebook (penetration having fallen from 42% in 2012 to only 23% a year later) for visual-based social platforms like Instagram. And they prefer the privacy of Snapchat and Whisper.

Marketers might find them a tougher sell than their siblings. But those of us who recognize what a mess we are making of the world today, might see cause for hope.

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